Gargano Green Card

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The Gargano Green Card is your opportunity to explore the Gargano through authentic and sustainable experiences in contact with the territory!

By purchasing the Gargano Green Card, for only €5, you can take advantage of discounts for:

As you can see, the cost of the card will be compensated by the discount that will be given to you by the partners of the Gargano Green Card

Don’t forget, the card is personal!




1 – What is the GARGANO GREEN CARD
The Gargano Green Card, hereinafter “card”, is a service card that allows those who buy it to access the numerous discounts offered by the “partners” of the Gargano Green Card project, including trekking, ebike tours, experiences, and many others, always in a green key.
The card is nominative and can only be used by the holder.
The card is not transferable.

2 – Issue of the card

The card is purchased online by the “customer” exclusively on the website at a cost of 5 euros.
The card is released exclusively in digital format, in order to have no impact on the environment

3 – Use of the card

Once the card has been purchased, the holder will be able to book the services offered by the partners by requesting the discount provided.
The booking of the service is made directly with each of the partners, subject to confirmation of availability.

4 – Give the Gargano Green Card

You can decide to gift the card to another person.
You will have to choose the name of the person to whom you give the card at the time of purchase.

5 – Validity and revocation of the card

The card has a duration of 1 year (365 days) from the time of purchase.
The card is revoked with immediate effect to the customer in case of reservation and following NO SHOW to one of the booked tours.

6 – Signing the Charter implies acceptance of the conditions set forth in these Regulations.